Keeping Safe from Covid-19 - Here are some important changes we have implementing

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We have been working hard to make sure that our lodges are as safe as possible for our guests, given that Covid-19 still presents a risk. This does however mean that our guests also have to play their part, as well as our cleaning teams, with regards to the safety of our lodges. This is now reflected in new terms and conditions which now apply to reservations going forward.

Please click on the title link below to download our new terms and conditions. Below is a summary of the important changes for you to be aware of, and to observe for your forthcoming your stay at the lodge:

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed within the entrance of each lodge. Please ensure that all guests in your party use the sanitiser prior to entering the lodge
  • Upon departure guests must strip the beds, including pillow and mattress protectors, and place the used bedding and towels in large plastic bags that will be provided
  • Please place your rubbish in black bin liners provided and leave the bags in the designated area upon departure. Additional bin bags will be available upon request

Failure to comply with these requirements will place a greater risk upon our cleaning team and will unfortunately incur a full forfeit of your Good Housekeeping deposit.

We are also mindful that Covid-19 has not been totally eliminated, and that Government restrictions could still be put in place that would either restrict you from travelling, or may prevent the lodges to remain open. We have therefore clarified our existing policy in our terms and conditions should this be the case as follows:

In exceptional circumstances, such as but not restricted to instances where Government regulations, such as (but not limited to) Covid 19 restrictions, where the lodges are closed for your stay, then you will have the opportunity to reschedule the original booking to a future date and duration of comparable value, at no extra cost to you. 

We will, unfortunately, have to remove all books and games from the lodges. We also won't be able to leave a Guest Welcome book in the lodge however we will send this information to you with our arrival instructions. Additionally in the lodge we will provide information links for you to be able to access the information on your phone or computer. 

We can now only provide one set of crockery/cutlery in the lodge (not the normal two).

Our hot tubs will be maintained to our usual high standards, and our cleaning regime will include our usual deep cleaning, plus a full lodge de-sanitisation using a fogging machine to deploy Virosol disinfectant (see the note below about Virosol).

Due to the extended cleaning requirements, we are unable to offer any late check out or early check ins at the moment.

We would also ask you to continue to respect social distancing rules whilst on the site and in the local area. As per our terms and conditions, we cannot allow any day visitors onto the site or into the lodges.

Finally, we expect that our opening date will be finalised in the Scottish Government announcement this coming Thursday (2nd July). Given this confirmation, we will then ask guests to pay the balance of their reservation fee (balance fees will be due if your reservation arrival date is within 45 days from July 2nd).

We hope that these changes will not inconvenience you and will not deter you from having a great stay at the lodge.


Yours sincerely,

Balquhidder Mhor Lodges


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