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Alfie's back at Balquidder Mhor Lodges for his holidays!
We had a very special returning guest this week at the lodge... Alfie.... the Black Headed Caique. Once again...Alfie was treated to forest walks, nuts for treats, and sun bathing on the decking...check out his holiday snaps :)
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It's Robert Carlyle's birthday today (April14th) -Watch this short film for a flavour of all things Scottish! - Johnnie Walker: The Man Who Walked Around The World
Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting and the Full Monty) gives a forthright Glaswegian monologue about the story of Johnnie Walker blended whiskey....the poor old bag-piper gets a poor reception! This brilliant film was shot at Inverlochlarig, at the head of Loch Doine, quite near to Balquhidder Mhor Lodges
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Run Mhor Events
Monachyle Mhor and Mhor 84 are running their regular "fun" and "serious" run events again this spring and summer. Generally starting at Mhor 84 just a mile down the Route 7 cycle path from Balquhidder Mhor Lodges....where you can rest your weary feet in the hot tub :)
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Llamas near Balquhidder Mhor Lodge? You Bet!
Whilst wandering down the Roy Roy Way above Mhor 84 from Balquhidder Mhor Lodges, we stumbled upon these three Peruvian visitors.... very handsome (or pretty), couldn't figure that one out.....did you know...antibodies from llamas were found to stop coronavirus entering human cells....
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Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well....
Couldn't resist the quotation.... in this case, Yorick's skull is actually a moss helmet pulled off one of the tree stumps! One of of guests was photographed in this pose whilst walking on the old drovers road near Balquhidder Mhor Lodges
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